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Charvel Spectrum Epidemic!

icontexto-webdev-social-bookmark-09tipdrop logofacebook481I thought you may be interested to see this. A high end guitar collecting friend of mine has a guilty pleasure. Collecting Charvel Spectrums! His addiction has been satisfied for the time being, with the arrival of a black model from Australia, although he is making noises about the lack of maple necked models. He has also persuaded a few collecting friends of his to indulge too, and between them the Spectrum collection is now in double figures. So what's all the fuss about? The reason is, these are great guitars... versatile, with an extra tone eq pot and great for gigging with. They have an 80's vibe about them (don't get too near that pointy headstock!), and the quality of the construction is undeniable.

Seven Charvel Spectrum Guitars

The sparkle finish model (top left) is a special order, but the rest are all original.

These are still pretty cheap guitars, in the £300-500 price range, but prices are steadily climbing, probably due to my mates hoovering them up at a rate of knots!

If this style of guitar is of interest to you I'd start looking soon. As always, I'd recommend going for originality and  good condition to help safeguard future values, but I'd be quick, because as soon as funds allow I'll be out there looking for an orange one too!

In the meantime, here's a little bit more information about Charvel Spectrums.

7 replies on “Charvel Spectrum Epidemic!”

Tell your mates to have look also on the german e-bay, I’ve just been the highest bidder on an orange one in super condition for about 370 Euros. This is the second Spectrum model I’ve seen in a month on the german e-bay and both of them were in mint condition. The other one was dark pearl blue.

hello does anyone have a charvel spectrum neck for sale or spare due to an accident (aka chav) the headstock has snapped. if any sellers please please please contact me. ide love to repare this guitar to its standard glory

I have a candy blue one with maple neck!!!
from time to time I think about selling it but can´t make my mind up.

it is nice though. I remove the pickguard. If anyone is interested, i can send pics!!!

I am thinking having a seymour duncan hot rail pickup set up in the bridge position for my charvel spectrum…what do you think??

Hi there…Fernando..if you’ve still got the pick guard and wish to sell it please contact myself..or if anybody has any details for availability of spectrum pick guards I’d be more than interested in hearing from you…Kind regards Robert….
Ps…This must be one of the most under rated guitars still available at low prices….!!!!!