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Charvel Spectrum Epidemic!

I thought you may be interested to see this. A high end guitar collecting friend of mine has a guilty pleasure. Collecting Charvel Spectrums! His addiction has been satisfied for the time being, with the arrival of a black model from Australia, although he is making noises about the lack of maple necked models. He has […]

Collectable Guitars pt 33 – Ibanez Musician

The Ibanez Musician was born out of the Japanese copy boom of the 1970s, which also helped spawn the Ibanez Destroyer and Iceman. After Ibanez were sued for copying Gibson designs they branched out into original designs. Their first original models were the aforementioned two guitars, as well as the Performer, a Les Paul-type with […]

Collectable Guitars pt 28 – Daion Guitars

Now here’s one you might not have heard of. Daion were an old Japanese company operating from the famed Matsumoku factory for a short period in the early 1980s. The Daions were very high quality, and full of innovative features. They had a range of electrics, basses and acoustics which were often very different to […]

Collectable Guitars pt 17 – The Ibanez Destroyer

The Ibanez Destroyer was born, like its’ sister guitar, the fairly similar Ibanez Iceman, out of Ibanez’s infamous 1970s battle with Gibson over Ibanez’s blatant copies of the Les Paul and SG Junior. Ibanez received a cease- and-desist order and decided to make more original models. This culminated in the Iceman and Destroyer of the […]