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Tony Bacon Interview

Any guitarist who has walked the aisles of the nearest Barnes & Noble or roamed the guitar related entries at has seen the name Tony Bacon. For the past couple of decades Tony has been linked to well-researched tomes on Gibsons, Fenders, Gretsch’s and thousands of pages about cool, historic, unique and downright weird […]

Nice George Gruhn interview..

A nice interview has recently been posted with George Gruhn. The world of guitars has a select few gurus who have reached a place where they offer a foundation of expertise. In the world of vintage guitars, the name that always comes to mind is George Gruhn. Certainly, there are others with vintage guitar expertise […]

How to Buy a Vintage Guitar

I found this interesting video on sale whilst browsing on Amazon yesterday. How to Buy a Vintage Guitar [VHS] This buyer’s guide teaches how to appraise, critique, determine originality and playability, recognize counterfeits and predict future investment values. Using both electric and acoustic guitars as teaching tools, George examines finish, hardware, fret type, inlays, bindings, […]

A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps

This book by Gerald Weber looks like an interesting reference… A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps (Book) If you have questions about guitar amplifiers-how to fix them, how to restore them, or how to hot-rod them-this book has the answer. This book is written for the guitarist or collector who desires a common […]

New Fender Guitars Book

A friend of a friend has a new book about to be published about Fender’s golden period, 1946-1970. Fender: The Golden Age Here are the details, from Amazon: Leo Fender’s guitars have arguably had the greatest influence on modern music than any other make of guitar. Over 250 guitars in every model, style and finish […]

The New Guitar Collecting Amazon Store

Time for a little shameless self-promotion. We have set up our own store within Amazon, for all the guitar related stuff we can think of. The thinking behind it is that we hope to create a starting point for anybody searching for books about guitar collecting, tab books and sheet music, CDs and DVDs by […]

Free Guitar Collecting Ebook!

We have put together a free ebook for all our visitors as a thankyou for your support over the last few months. “25 Cool Signature Guitars” is almost 50 pages long and is available for free download by filling in your name and email address on the right. We are also giving you permission to […]

New Guitar Collecting Magazine Launching

Guitar Aficionado magazine and from Future U.S., the publishers of Guitar World,  is a new upscale men’s, niche lifestyle publication for music enthusiasts who collect, play and invest in new and vintage guitars. According to Guitar Aficionado, readers know that guitars are among some of the best-performing, tangible asset investments available today. Traditionally, the value […]

Neptune Bound: The Ultimate Danelectro Guitar Guide

Neptune Bound: The Ultimate Danelectro Guitar Guide You may have never heard of a Danelectro guitar. But Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton certainly have. The unorthodox instruments — known for their unique design and prized for their clear, bell-like tone — belong in the arsenal of every rock guitarist from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. And […]

SUPER SWEDE- Hagström Guitars 50 Yrs

Great new hardbound 193 page book about the collectable Swedish Guitars, Hagström Superswede: Hagstrom Guitars 50 Years Hagström guitars hold a place in musicians´ hearts. Many of the world´s greatest played Hagström instruments, from ABBA to Zappa. Other international star users are Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley. Musicians of a younger generation have also discovered these Swedish […]

The Stratocaster Chronicles: Celebrating 50 Years of the Fender Strat

I found an interesting book on the Fender Stratocaster, by Tom Wheeler of Guitar Player Magazine. The Stratocaster Chronicles: Celebrating 50 Years of the Fender Strat The world’s most famous guitar has a golden anniversary in 2004 and this official, authorised book/CD package offers the best photos, quotes, facts and sounds to properly celebrate this […]

The Steve Howe Guitar Collection

Great video clip from 1988 of Steve Howe, best known for his playing with Yes and Asia, talking about part of his extensive guitar collection. Steve is a well known and respected guitar collector, having had a book published about his collection in 1993.The book is pretty rare now, but is available here;

Guitar Books Roundup pt 1

The Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide 2009 (Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide) This year’s price guide; The bible of the vintage guitar collecting industry.       Gruhn’s Guide to Vintage Guitars: An Identification Guide for American Fretted Instruments For collectors, dealers and players, this updated guide provides specifications, serial numbers, and more […]

Another Great Guitar Book

This book… Totally Guitar Has a wealth of great guitar information. Over 600 pages of guitar history, playing styles, pictures, and some information on rarely seen makes and models of guitars from all eras. As the Amazon reviews quite rightly say: This book is a real bargain…not only is it excellent value at (rrp £20 […]

A book worth investigating…

Just been reading about the updated version of Phil Taylor’s book about David Gilmour’s iconic black Stratocaster… “The Black Strat” is the first and only accurate and knowledgeable account of David Gilmour’s favourite Stratocaster guitar. Written by Phil Taylor – David’s personal guitar technician since 1974 – to coincide with the release of the long […]