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Westone Cutlass Rebuild pt 3 – Oiling The Body And Rebuilding

I’m fully aware of how long it  has taken me to write this update and I seem to begin virtually every post with an apology these days, but you know how it is.. Anyway, the nice clean wooden body needed some protection from the wear and tear of musical life, and as I said in the […]

Westone Cutlass Rebuild pt 2 – The Body and the Scratchplate

As I said in part one of the Westone Cutlass rebuild, I have decided not paint this guitar, but to keep it natural looking. The original body finish was a pale, yellowy clear lacquer which suited the look of the guitar, but now has some quite deep scratches and dents on the front, back and […]

Westone Cutlass Rebuild pt 1 – The Background

When I first started this site, one of the reasons was to get back into restoring, customising and fiddling with guitars. I have played around with guitars all my playing life (30 years this month!) as most of us players do. It is always useful to know how to fix your own gear, and sooner […]