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Relic your guitar parts

I found this interesting video yesterday. I’d never considered doing this myself. but it’s given me a few ideas..

Vintage Guitar Parts

I found an interesting new website today, which may be useful for all of us at some point. The Parts Drawer is a vintage guitar parts service, dealing primarily with Gibson and Fender (about 80% of their stock) but also catering for other makes too. In their own words; With over 20 years of experience […]

Westone Thunder 1-T Rebuild pt 1…The Background

Many years ago I built a guitar from scratch, making my own body and using a Stratocaster copy neck. It played ok, and was “of its time” but after that initial flurry of sawdust and bad wiring I didn’t really dabble in guitars apart from changing the odd pickup and general maintenance. Over the years […]