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The Gibson Moderne Returns!

Gibson’s Moderne is back in production. Here’s the story in the company’s own words… A musical chimera, shrouded in the silvered mists of myth and legend, the Gibson Moderne has long been known as the enigmatic “guitar that never was”… or, was it? Designed as the third member of a trio of guitars in the […]

Martin Unveils Recycled Wood Guitar

If you heard the words “guitar” and “environment” in the same sentence in the last few months you were probably hearing about the raid on Gibson Guitar. While the August raid on Gibson’s factories continues to draw a lot of attention and still gets conservatives and Tea Party supporters angry, another guitar company is coming […]

Ernie Ball Music Man Unveils “Game Changer” Guitar

Coachella, CA (January 12th, 2011) — Ernie Ball Music Man today announced that it will unveil The Game Changer, a ground-breaking, all analog pickup switching system that unlocks an extensive library of natural guitar tones previously unavailable in traditional pickup technology. Available in select Reflex guitar and bass models in 2011, this progressive innovation leads […]

Gibson Acoustic Releases Three Limited Edition John Lennon Models

Seventy years after his birth and three decades after his untimely passing, John Lennon’s message of peace continues to touch the masses, and his songs still resonate in the hearts and minds of fans around the world. At the request of Yoko Ono, Gibson Acoustic is very proud to offer three 70th Anniversary John Lennon […]

More on building relic guitars

I found a great article today about the guys (John Page and Vince Cunetto) who built the first Fender Custom Shop relics back in the ’90’s and some of the techniques they use. Here are some interesting points; Cunetto has spent countless hours doing R&D to find the right techniques. To make the finger-wear marks […]

Inside the Trussart Guitar Workshop

Most guitar collectors will be aware of James Trussart’s wonderful metal bodied creations. The expensive hand-produced Telecaster, Jazzmaster and Les Paul shaped works of art are all individual; some are painted, some are bare metal, some are rusty, some a re a combination of all of these. The article below is a fascinating look behind […]

Gibson Announce New Jimmy Page Les Paul

The Gibson Custom Shop has announced the Gibson Custom Jimmy Page Number Two Les Paul Limited Edition guitar, modified by the legendary Jimmy Page himself. Here’s their press release… Every musician knows that late ’50s Sunburst Les Paul Standards are hard enough to come by as it is. Obtaining a pristine and exemplary ’59 ‘Burst […]

Paul Smith And Vintage Collaborate on Designer Guitar

Not Paul Reed Smith! Paul Smith, the well known British clothing designer, has collaborated with Vintage Guitars in order to produce the Paul Smith acoustic guitar. It’s a 3/4-sized acoustic that Paul Smith is refers to in most of his marketing as a ‘children’s guitar’ but could really serve as a travel guitar for the […]

First Chanel, now the Ferrari Guitar

This is interesting. The Blackbird Rider travel guitar is now available in a special Ferrari version. The body is a one piece carbon fibre monocoque, just like an F1 car and the design is unique to say the least. I have never seen or heard of these guitars before but they seem pretty good, (watch […]

New Taylor Swift Signature Guitar

Taylor Swift now has her own signature model guitar to be built and distributed by Taylor Guitars, the renowned acoustic and electric guitar company founded in 1974. She joins Leo Kottke, Doyle Dykes and Dan Crary as artists who have a signature model built by the company. The Taylor Swift Baby Taylor guitar is based […]

Epiphone 1966 “worn” Wilshire

A year or so after Epiphone’s lovely but hugely expensive 1962 Wilshire reissue, they have now announced a much cheaper, but just as tempting 1966 model, in the nicely faded “worn” range. The following is directly from the press release; Epiphone brings back the Wilshire with a faithful reproduction of the 1966 model. Like an […]

Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitars

These are so cool.. Daddy Mojo builds handcrafted guitars from cedar and mahogany cigar boxes. The instruments, which are smaller and lighter than standard guitars, sell for between $265 and $735 and have found a following among blues aficionados who can’t get enough of the warm sound they provide. “It has a very unique tone […]

Gibson Holy Explorer

The Gibson Explorer is a guitar most readers may be familiar with, and it is a well-designed, well-loved shape used by several distinguished rock and metal players. So what in the name of all that is holy (see what I did there?) have they done to this one, many will ask. The Holy Explorer is […]

New Epiphone Roy Orbison Signature 12-string acoustic

The Epiphone Guitar Company of Nashville, Tennessee announces the release of the new limited edition Oh, Pretty Woman 12-string acoustic guitar. Produced in cooperation with the legendary singer/songwriter Roy Orbison’s estate, this signature guitar is based upon Roy’s own 1962 Epiphone ‘Bard’ 12-string acoustic guitar. Orbison used his original Epiphone acoustic guitar to write and […]

Gibson’s Eye Guitar – a future collectable?

The new Gibson Eye guitar has certainly caused a storm of controversy since its recent launch, but mainly for being so damned ugly. The limited run, red and white, bastardised SG style guitar has bought a flood of negative comments in blogs and forums for its looks, and it’s not cheap either with a RRP […]

Epiphone Wilshire 1962 Reissue

The Epiphone Wilshire was a solid-body guitar made in the 1960s as an alternative to a Gibson SG. It sported two P-90 pickups and a hardtail bridge, and was put into the Epiphone line in 1960. A long-time sleeper of this Epiphone range, the solid-body Wilshire model represented amazing quality and value throughout the ’60s. […]

RKS Guitars

RKS Guitars are an American-based company who make very unusual guitars to bespoke specifications for a high cost. The only vaguely conventional feature of these astounding guitars is the silhouette. My first encounter with an RKS was in the High Wycombe shop called BBZ Guitars. The shape commonly used by the company is an equal cutaway style, […]

The Chanel Guitar (yes, really…)

“Coco Chanel had an affair with Stravinsky, mine was with a guitar.”   Karl Lagerfield One of the more interesting things seen at the Paris Spring 2009 Fashion shows was the Chanel guitar and guitar bag. It was a simple black guitar, but it discreetly spells Chanel on the headstock and has the Chanel logo in the […]

Gibson Les Paul Axcess at the Wembley Guitar Centre

We made a road trip this morning to visit the Wembley Guitar Centre in North London, sitting almost in the shadow of the new Wembley Stadium. Mark (the manager) and Matt couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful, allowing us to grab whatever guitars we fancied and wailing away with Boogie and Engl amps in […]