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Collectable Guitars pt 21 – The Hamer Phantom

The Hamer Phantom is a very rare and collectable guitar, built in limited numbers in the 1980s. It started out as a prototype, called simply the Hamer Prototype. It was special in that it had a very unusual three-coil pickup at the bridge. Some also had one single-coil at the neck.

Hamer Phantom Guitar
It was based on a good-looking Superstrat shape, with the bass side horn being elongated and the treble-side shortened. It resembled a coupling of a Fender Jaguar and a Jackson Soloist.

The guitars usually had a scratchplate and Kahler tremolo. Some rare models had an ordinary humbucker at the bridge.

All the reviews I have read of this guitar praise it highly, and it is known as a very nice guitar.

One notable Phantom user was/is Andy Summers from The Police.

Phantoms are rare, but surprisingly inexpensive used considering the looks and quality of the build.

I saw two in Denmark Street recently for around £800-900, and I am sure they would sell on eBay for much less, in the rare event of one coming up.


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I bought my Black hamer phantom 27 years ago and have not played anything else. I have been playing with my band now for 20 years this December. The boys in the band asked me many times , when are you going to get another guitar, my answer, WHY? How easy is it to get to the 22 fret and play lead on this guitar, I love it!!!
Roger Chuyan

I got a 1983 phantom red guitar. I’m looking for a case,and i may want to sell??? any idea’s ???