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Vintage Fender Colours

Fender 1960's Guitar Coloursicontexto-webdev-social-bookmark-091Just a quickie..I found Curtis Novak’s  great site with a wonderful pictorial view of vintage Fender colours.

Even if you aren’t interested in the colours, it’s worth having a look for the lovely photography.

In Curtis’ own words…

These are pictures of my sample blocks of Fender 60’s colors. I attempted to create as accurate as possible a representation of the colors Fender used in the 60’s. I used Dupont paint and the colors are mixed from the NOS Dupont paint mix numbers. They are cleared with Nitrocellulose Lacquer.

I have photographed my sample blocks in a way that attempts to show the dynamics of a given color rather than just a flat thumbnail image. I feel this better represents the color. I am still working at making the colors more accurate. Keep in mind that I am doing this and testing it on a few dozen different computers and they are rather consistent, but the color may very depending on your display and video card.

Fender 1960’s Custom Colours


  1. Thanks for stopping by Stratoblogster! This is a cool post I’ll be blogging about along with a plug to your site. Nice blog & content!



  2. Gary Hughey says:


    I just found your web site looking on Google for a color listing for Fender guitars from the 1960’s.

    I have a really great swamp ash 1960’s body I got from BHefner. I want to paint it a bright red color very similar to Fiesta Red. I noticed a custom Strat that was painted “Hot Rod red”. I haven’t seen anyone that has that color listed. Do you know this color?

    I want a color similar to Fiesta Red with the bright red and and the orange that shows. Kind of like a bright Red/Orange with the emphasis on the red.

    Didn’t mean to write a book ………… haha

    Can you help me find out about the color and/or where I could get it?

    Your web site is really, really great.



  3. flyssy says:

    Hi Gary, thanks for the kind words about the site..tell all your friends!
    Hot Rod red appears to be a genuine later Fender custom colour…take a look at this article for info on all the Fender shades of red.


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