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Collectable Guitars pt 22 – Shergold Guitars

icontexto-webdev-social-bookmark-091Shergold was a little-known guitar company started in 1967 by Jack Golder and Norman Houlder, who had both previously worked for Burns.

They were located in Harold Wood, East London for most of their professional career.

Shergold Modulator Guitar

Shergold Modulator Guitar

Some models introduced by Shergold were the Masquerader, the Modulator (with active electronics), and the Custom Double, a twin neck guitar available in several different neck combinations. The Masquerader is the best known and most numerous of Shergold’s models, but is still very rare.

Also made was a budget series, the Meteor and Nu Meteor.

Some other models which have been sighted but were made either as prototype models or in very limited runs include the Activator, (suspected to have exceeded no more than 20 units) the Trojan and the Triumph – a rebadged Les Paul style model originally made by Rosetti.

Shergolds were never successful, chiefly because of the weird styling of many of their models, and would be very collectible today as interest grows in unusual old British guitars. I’m not sure how much the different models would be worth, but my guess is at around £500 upwards for a nice one.


  1. ryan johnson says:

    well i have a 1977 masqueraider custom which my dad bought on gillingham high street in 1977. its a great guitar to play and sits along side my rickenbacker 330 and gets more playing i personally like the shergolds and would love to get my hands on a good condition bass

  2. flyssy says:

    I saw an old Shergold fretless bass recently in my local shop, being bought in for re-wiring..great looking old beast!

  3. Martin Simpson says:

    I bought a Shergold maple twin neck 12 string and bass in 1980 (same as Mike Rutherfords) Its in perfect condition the action on the 12 string is superb. Its a beautiful guitar

  4. mindtpi says:

    I had a Modulator bass with a bunch of different modules – I sold it when I bought one of the first Steinbergers which was a much nicer bass to play. I didn’t realise at the time that Peter Hook used a Marathon bass – it had a neck like a baseball bat (the fat end) but I wish I’d kept it, it had a really nice sound

  5. Nick J Parvin says:

    5 Shergolds for sale: anybody interested?
    Marathon Fretted bass 1 split P/U blonde,
    Marathon fretless 1 split P/U cherry red,
    masquerader 12 string 2 H/B,
    Nu Meteor sunburst 3x s/c,
    Meteor 1x H/B Blonde.

  6. John Marghilano says:

    I’ve been trying for 2(two) years to buy Hayman 40/40 Bass Guitar. I had one in the mid-70’s and sold it. I don’t have much money, but I’ll try to raise the money. The ones I did see were missing the 2(two) smoked plexiglass covers. The owners would say they were complete. Thank You.

  7. tim says:

    Hi, Nick, can you give me some prices for your Shergolds, please,Tim.

  8. Andy Porter says:

    Hi John
    I,ve got a Hayman 40 – 40 in good working order just had it restrung
    and checked over 74 on the serial no. relating to the year made.
    how much would you be prepared to pay !!!

  9. Tom S. says:

    Hey Nick, how much for the masquerader 12-string?

  10. John Logan says:


    how much for the blonde Marathon?

  11. Alex says:

    Hi folks. Did the Marathon or Hayman 4040 ever get sold?


  12. Mick says:

    Hello people,
    I recently brought a Masquerader 6 string, i believe it is one of the most versatile guitars i have ever played. They have quite a cult following these guitars.


  13. michael says:

    I have the modulator 6 string with the module 5 (recording). A strange, troublesome guitar with more pick up options then you can poke a stick at. Clumsy, but gorgeous! I love it to pieces. Pretty interested in picking some of the other available modules as they are interchangeable (!).

  14. Alan Warner says:

    I Own a 1978 Modulator 2, with the Recording module 5. I bought direct from Norman Holder at the, Romford Factory ESSEX, I played a dream then, and to this day plays like a guitar with a silk neck. It is a far better Guitar than ever given credit! I have also played a fretless Meteor Bass. The tone on my guitar plays from PRS/Gibson to Fender Strat or Tele.

    While buying Rutherford’s was in for a du up… great guitar…. I tried all the current range before settling on the 6 string module 5, would just love a module 7

  15. Richard Hames says:

    I bought a Shergold Marathon 6 back in the seventies. It is a lovely bit of kit, tuned E to E, with very light action. The frets are so low it is almost fretless. Don’t know how much it would be worth. Has some “battle” damage 🙂

  16. stuart morgan says:

    Any chance you might sell it ?

  17. ian thomas says:

    I have a battered l/h custom masquerader number 7778.sunburst .l bought it in1980.s/h.

  18. ian thomas says:

    My first guita.

  19. Andy Taylor says:

    I own a 1978 Meteor, complete with original plastic Bridge cover (not cracked) and original hard case. I’m considering selling it, but don’t know what a realistic valuation would be. Anybody any idea what it could be worth ?

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