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Free Guitar Collecting Ebook!

icontexto-webdev-social-bookmark-09facebook48125 Cool Signature GuitarsWe have put together a free ebook for all our visitors as a thankyou for your support over the last few months.

“25 Cool Signature Guitars” is almost 50 pages long and is available for free download by filling in your name and email address on the right.

We are also giving you permission to copy, give away and redistribute our book as many times as you like, just so long as you don’t alter it in any way. If you have your own guitar website please feel free to offer it as a giveaway too.

We hope you like the book, it’s not a definitive guide of signature guitars, but a just a personal view of some guitars that we think are either well known,  interesting in some way, or just cool!


  1. 7dust says:

    When will be available old GW pdf or ebook?


  2. iMadrid says:

    Where’s the download link?

  3. flyssy says:

    You get the link by return email when you input your name and email address.

  4. Hiya

    Just to be sure – ok to download and host on the dbTwang blog or do you want to repoint so you can collect email addresses?

    ta, keith

  5. flyssy says:

    A repoint would be great if that’s ok with you Keith…I’d be happy to swap links with you too..Flyssy

  6. Bill Wright says:

    Please send download link to the above email address


  7. Dan says:

    Still have your “25 Cool Signature Guitars” free for downloading? Be insterested in reviewing you selections. Thanks,

  8. flyssy says:

    sure, fill in your email address on the right and you should be automatically redirected

  9. Warren says:

    Hey,,, suscribed on link at left but got the following message.

    Your form submission was successful but the website owner of the previous page did not provide a valid redirect (“Thank You”) page. The URL provided does not follow proper web standard formats. You may wish to notify that website owner by pushing the “back” button on your web browser.”

  10. dave says:

    I have serious GAS

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