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Collectable Guitars pt 32 – Washburn A-20V Stage Series

icontexto-webdev-social-bookmark-09facebook481The Washburn A10-A20V Stage series of guitars were produced between 1979 and 1985.

Washburn A-20V Stage GuitarShaped like a truncated Gibson Explorer with a chunky slanted headstock, the high quality Stage series found homes with a fair number of rock guitarists in the early 1980’s. They were produced in Japan in the highly regarded Matsumoku factory, which also built guitars for Ibanez, Westone, and a host of other manufacturers.

The lower model A10 has a bolt on neck, while the higher priced A15 had a set neck, leading up to the top of the range A20s which had through necks.

Washburn also made a bass version, the B20 which sells for around the same prices as the guitars.

  • Features included dual humbuckers with independent tone and volume
  • Push/pull coil splits
  • A three-piece 22 fret v-shaped maple neck,
  • Ash body wings with flamed two-piece maple top
  • Ebony fretboard with brass washer-shaped inlays
  • Strat-style tremelo with string-thru-body
  • Sealed tuners
  • Brass nut
  • Full binding

Washburn released them again as a re-issue in 1995. Prices are fairly low for such a well made guitar, but I guess the shape is an acquired taste, not suitable for everyone.

I have recently seen a couple of A10s for sale on GBase for $5-700, so I have to assume that the A20 will be a little higher, probably $800-1000, which I think makes them pretty decent value.

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I believe i found the very first A20V ever made. Found in pawn shop next county down from Cook (Chicago) County IL. The serial number is 19791 inverted both ways. Its been poorly routed for tremolo fine tuning bride i cant ID. Looks very 80s. Cherry burst with BLACK SUPERSUSTAIN WASHBURN PICKUPS WITH SPLIT COILS AND TURNS TO 11 WITH BLACKED OUT GIBSONISH TUNING KNOBS. NOTHING LIKE THE WHITE PICKUP GOLD KNOB YOU NORMALLY SEE. HAVE PHOTOS IF INTERESTED IN SEEING. WOULD LIKE TO HAVE WASHBURN PROFESSIONALLY UN DUCHE THE GUITAR MAYBE WE COULD WORK SOMETHING OUT. NOT A MUSEUM PIECE BUT SUPER PLAYER COLLECTOR QUALITY

i purchased an a 10 v at a local pawn shop in Columbus Ohio. turns out this guitar plays so awesome. perfect tone everything about this axe is a 10. oh yeah that’s why, I call him (FURY). I have at least 25 guitars and none of them have the tonal values of this A10V. I have a total of 7 Washburn guitars, and it seems that they are a quality product no this is not an ad for Washburn, but the proof is in the pudding or should I say in its case.

Love hearing all the stories about these guitars .
I had an a20v early in my guitar life. Sold it for a Kinman custom ( super rare strat but famous for his pickups . Google them ) found it again 10years later and jumped on it . I have a few of guitars including some of the best. Les Paul custom and a USA strat. This is still my second all time favourite ( behind the kinman ) the action is to die for not even the Les Paul can compare with it, The sound is super versatile and totally killer. In my opinion we all need one of these in our stable. Les Paul, strata, tele, shred guitar and a top line a20/ falcon Washburn of the 80s .