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Collectable Guitars pt 24 – Yamaha SG2000


Yamaha is now a huge corporation covering all aspects of musical instruments, and more products including motorbikes. However, in 1976, when the SG2000 was introduced they were very much still an upstart company trying to make a name for themselves.

Yamaha sg2000 guitar

In 1973 they had introduced a range of Gibson inspired SG models- equal cutaway designs with mahogany bodies and set necks- very much like a Gibson Les Paul with two cutaways. They were nice, high-quality guitars, however a classic model was what Yamaha needed to boost this new range, and in 1976 the SG2000 proved to be just what they were so badly in need of.

The SG2000 was thus far the most desirable model Yamaha had ever made. It included a through-neck instead of the set-neck construction used by previous SGs, meaning greater sustain and playability. It was, like the other SG models, met enthusiastically, especially given that the Japanese copy boom was at its peak in around 1976, whereas the SG, while influenced by Gibsons, was still an original enough design.

The SG2000 was based on an earlier Yamaha, the SG175, but had refinements over the original design. These included a contoured body to make playing more comfortable, a maple top, gold hardware and a fine-tuning bridge.

The SG2000 was met well, and became known as a serious alternative to Gibsons of the time. It is still held in high regard as possibly Yamaha’s highest-quality guitar ever, and the one that gave them a serious foothold in the guitar market.

As such many were sold, and they have been used by a handful of well-known artists, the most notable being Carlos Santana, Bill Nelson of Bebop Deluxe and Stuart Adamson of the Skids and Big Country.

The SG2000 is probably the biggest selling model in the SG range, and used examples are not uncommon.

Prices are still high for these desirable guitars, and usually reach between £600 and £1300.


  1. I have an almost new 1980 sg2000 for sale. Very nice original hard shell case. Send me a note for pictures. Not sure on a price. Make me an offer.

  2. barry mankin says:

    was wondering if you could send some pics of the sg ,and do you have a price in mind? i live in rolla ,mo. judging by your email add do you work at ohio state u? just curious.

  3. Mike Castonguay says:

    Very interested in the sg.If you could send pics that would be great. Hope it’s not sold yet. Thanks.

  4. Anthony Costa says:

    SG still for sale

    If its still for sale let me know at JEMESP@HOTMAIL.COM. I will make a fair offer.

  5. Ronny Pouvreau says:

    Hi… I also have a Yamaha SG 2000 for sale.
    I live in France but I can send it…
    If you want pics or/and make an offer… contact me at

  6. armand says:

    Hi I would like to buy your guitar, if it is still available, but it depends on the price.
    Coud you send me some pics and tell me the built year of this marvellous machine??
    Thanks in advance

  7. Gordon says:

    I am looking for a green SG2000 model, if any of you out there have one and are looking to sell it then I would definitely be interested, providing its not a dog of course.

  8. diane says:

    does anyone know anything about a daion acoustic guitar
    the number is 829954D,i cant find out anything about it
    but my husband has a chance to but it and was wondering if its worth the money

  9. Donn says:

    I have a green SG2000 which I would sell for the right price. Are you still interested? Post your email address.

  10. Stéphane says:

    Hello Donn,
    I’am definitively interested by your sg.
    Please, send me your mail with your price and some pictures and i will mail you back.

  11. Stéphane says:

    Ok my mail :

  12. mindtpi says:

    John McGeoch of Magazine and Siouxsie and the Banshees also played an SG2000 on both bands best work

  13. Dane-Michael Starwood says:

    My query regarding this guitar is no longer relevant, please remove it, failure to do so will result in legal action being taken against you, thank you.

  14. flyssy says:

    Legal action? for what? For you commenting on my site?
    Don’t you think it would have been more polite and less aggressive to send me an email asking me to remove your last comment if you feel it isn’t relevant any more? I will of course remove them but I think I’ll let this one stand for now.


  15. zain says:

    hey guys i have the sg2000 reissue which is a lot better compare to the 70’s and the 90’s.drop me an email for pics and enquiries.every single parts are handcrafted by the master luthiers of yamaha factory in hamamatsu email is!

  16. zain says:

    sorry i mean 70’s and the 80’s

  17. Haroon Patel says:

    Hi i am looking for a good condition Yamaha SG2OOO guitar from the 80’s to buy,thanks

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