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Electra Phoenix for sale

Electra Phoenix GuitarI found this guitar for sale today while I was cruising around some guitar sites.

I’ve never heard of Electra before, but reading the sales info it seems to have come from the Westone/Matsumoku stable of brands and was sold in the US through St Louis Music in the early 1980s.

It’s very “80’s” with the brass bridge, knobs and nut and looks very similar to Westones of that era. (well it would, wouldn’t it?)

It’s pretty cheap at £295 and I can’t believe there are many more of this brand floating around out there.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out for yourself..

Electra Phoenix


One reply on “Electra Phoenix for sale”

Thought you may like to know that this Phoenix X130n is now residing in Lincolnshire, having been owned (and hardly ever used) by the purchaser from the 2009 advert until 2020. Still in the same original case. There is some provenance to the guitar with a sticker of the shop in Rhode Island that sold it new still on the headstock. There is a signed letter from the first owner, a professional musician who used it sparingly for the first 18 months of it’s life before retiring. He sold it on in 2008, when it presumably made its way over the pond to the UK. I’ll be contacting to see if I can verify how they came by it.
I have to say that it is still in excellent condition. Just a small amount of tarnishing on the brass, which cleaned up a treat and it plays really well. Certainly a very well manufactured Japanese guitar. It’s obvious to see how the Matsumoku factory gained it’s fine reputation.