Alan Rogan Interview

icontexto-webdev-social-bookmark-091Alan Rogan, legendary guitar technician with The Who and the Rolling Stones, talks about his work and guitars. Guitar tech to rock royalty for decades, Alan talks about his long stint with Who guitar legend Pete Townshend, and explains why Pete’s custom-modded Fender Stratocaster® guitar and Vibro-King® amp are “the real thing” …

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Hi Jol, thanks for getting in touch! I am adding your link to our blogroll.

Just got a chance to talk to Alan at the Who Quadrophenia show. Still as testy and funny as ever. The whole crew is top notch and he’s in good company as always.

Hi Alan,
I don’t know if you remember me and the machine I’m referring to, but I bought Bob Henderson’s 1963 335, in the 70’s, and 3 hours after I bought it from George Moffat, you arrived at my place and offered to swap it for several other guitars. I didn’t want to, but told you that if ever I wanted to sell it, I would offer it to you first.
Well, here it is, I’m thinking of selling it, are you still interested?
I’ve left this message on several sites where I’ve found your features. If you get this, Please get in touch anyway;
Dr George Wake,
Regards / respect, George

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