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Collectable Guitars pt 10 – The Gibson Corvus

icontexto-webdev-social-bookmark-09facebook481Gibson already had two very successful unorthodox looking guitars in 1982 – the much – emulated Flying V and Explorer, which are considered the benchmark for odd shaped guitars to this day.  Which is why the unusual Corvus, launched in 1982 to little fanfare, so prompted the question “What were Gibson thinking?”

No-one really seems to know the answer to this question, and even at the time one imagines several Gibson workers were probably mystified.

No guitar had ever attempted a shape like this before, and with hindsight it seems fairly safe to assume why. No-one was prepared for the sheer madness, or possibly ugliness of the design, which drew numerous comparisons to a tin opener, although this is presumably not the effect Gibson was aiming for!

The guitar, quite apart from the unusual shape, was a perfectly normal guitar with single-coil or humbucking pickups and tune-o-matic bridge, although a bolt-on neck, unusual for Gibson, who usually utilised set necks. Finishes included classic TV yellow, white, natural wood and a particularly vibrant orange. There were three models, the Corvus I, II and III (depending on the number of pickups).

corvusThe Corvus (Latin-speakers may know this is a Latin word meaning crow, which is maybe what Gibson were trying to emulate with this shockingly unconventional design) was a complete failure for the company and was withdrawn, having sold barely any units, in 1984.

However, the Corvus has gained a small cult following after its demise, so they aren’t as reviled now as they were.

If you do find one, you’d certainly be the only person on your street with one!


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  2. Vincent says:

    hey does anyone know where i can get one from because i’ve been looking for yonks and i can’t find one

  3. anjuere says:

    I’ve a yellow corvus with two humbuckers.
    A pecular sensation, to be a specail guitarist with no adversary

  4. Daniel says:

    i’ll trade you my squier bullet strat in sunburst for your corvus!

  5. MargieLewis says:

    I have a black Corvus III in good condition with it’s original hard case. Can anyone help me out with an idea on its value please?

  6. Mot Rats says:

    I have a Corvus II that’s pretty battle worn, with a few mods from the original. Their nice. Wonding what their worth?

  7. Rick says:

    I am Looking to buy Gibson Corvus ….

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