UK Police Hunt for 61 Stolen Rare and Vintage Guitars

Sixty-one rare and vintage guitars worth up to £50,000 each are being searched for by West Yorkshire Police after they were stolen.

Police want to track down the rare Fender, Gibson, Gretsch and Rickenbacker models which are missing.

A total of 157 guitars worth more than £1m were stolen five years ago, 96 have since been recovered.

Two men aged 63 and 41 have been charged with handling stolen goods in connection with the investigation.

Police have released images of the 61 missing guitars and their serial numbers.

Det Con Chris Lord from West Yorkshire Police said: “Anyone found with one of these guitars in their possession could be charged with handling stolen goods.

“I would encourage anyone who suspects they have one of these guitars to check the serial numbers as soon as possible.”

The police said they were unable to provide more information about the burglary because of legal proceedings.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the police.


One reply on “UK Police Hunt for 61 Stolen Rare and Vintage Guitars”

I am glad to know they found 96 of these stolen guitars. with the rarity and prices of vintage guitars hitting a climax few years ago guitars became as valuable as diamonds.
were all guitars stolen from the same place?