Collecting Vintage Guitars As an Investment Strategy

Just about every guitar player around wants to pick up a fine vintage instrument. However, these days there are more than just musicians looking for masterpiece instruments from the 1930s through the early 1970s. Vintage guitars are a great investment that only increases in value.

You might be asking yourself whether a guitar can really be a good investment. After all, to the untrained eye, most guitars are the same. However, the right guitar can be worth a lot to a collector. Guitars that have been owned by celebrities, or which are rare or unusual, can command very high prices indeed. If you’re worried about getting a return on your money, don’t be. Vintage guitars have consistently performed with more stability than the stock market. There are a number of reasons that collecting vintage guitars is an excellent strategy.

For one, they’re more tangible than a stock or bond. They give you an attractive piece to display, and are fun to collect, too. Guitars also don’t lose value over time. In fact, it’s just the opposite – vintage guitars consistently gain value as they get older, as long as you take the time to keep them in good condition. They’re also usually superior instruments. If you’re a musician as well as an investor, you’ll appreciate the superior action and tone of a real vintage instrument. The most popular vintage guitar with collectors is probably the Gibson Les Paul.

Gibson invented the modern electric guitar, and in the 1960s, the Les Paul was one of the best instruments available. While these are still made today, they don’t stand up to the quality of older models, which are made of oak, mahogany, and other fine materials. You can even find examples with mother of pearl and gold inlays! Another brand you’ll probably recognize is Fender. The Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Thunderbird are all great models that remain favorites. The best were made in the 1950s and 1960s. After that, Fender guitars are less valuable. Learn about the guitars that carry the best value before you buy, so you’ll be able to make a smart decision. CF Martin is yet another of the great vintage guitar brands.

These amazing acoustic instruments are among the finest, and have craftsmanship that can’t be matched. Martin invented the use of the X-bracing system in acoustics. That means that his instruments lasted for far longer than competitors’. Some of the original Martin guitars are now nearly a hundred years old. Collectible CF Martin guitars are valuable up through the 1960s models. Guild guitars are great vintage instruments, too, but they’re a lot less famous. That’s because the company only did business for about twenty-five years before Fender bought it in the 1990s. Older Guild instruments are very rare, and considered on par with Martin guitars of the same period. Any of these instruments would be a great investment piece for musicians, or anyone who loves music.

Even if you just like the look of a beautiful old guitar, think about purchasing a vintage one. You’ll be surprised at what a good investment it could turn out to be. If you are interest in getting started collecting vintage guitars for fun and profit or even if you have been doing so for years and wish to add to your collection, Bob’s Vintage Guitars is a website that you should visit. It has a lot of useful information about vintage guitars and also a great selection of vintage guitars for sale.

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Gibson didn’t invent the modern electric guitar and the Thunderbird isn’t a Fender model.