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Collectable Guitars pt 8 – Bond Electraglide

bond electraglide neckThe Bond Electraglide was a very unusual, little-known guitar made in Scotland by Andrew Bond in 1984-5.

The guitar was highly odd, featuring a carbon-fibre body, very complex digital readouts instead of controls, and a neck which featured no frets, instead a “stepped” fingerboard, where the frets were replaced with saw-tooth shaped steps. 

The player selected pickups via five pushbuttons; volume, treble and bass were incremented numerically via digital rocker switches, confirmed by a three-colour LED readout.

bond electraglideThe guitar was launched at the 1984 NAMM show in America. Apart from the various gimmicks featured on the guitar, including the required use of an external power supply, it played normally and sounded normal, with three single-coil pickups and a normal body shape.

The Electraglide was a big shock to the traditional guitar buying public, and was very unsuccessful, (even though I have personally nearly bought one a couple of times).

It sold no more than 1000 units, and was all but forgotten by 1986. There were some notable users however;

British guitarist Mick Jones is known to have used a Bond Electraglide with his band Big Audio Dynamite in the mid 1980s. The Edge used his extensively on The Joshua Tree, including the solo on “One Tree Hill”, as well as on “Exit,” and “Mothers of the Disappeared”.

Will Sargeant from Echo and The Bunnymen was also an Electraglide user.


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i just inherited one of these, interesting axe. real good for rhythm play and lead unless you bend strings, in which case it is useless.
turns out a friend is an authorized repairman…err…was.. i guess.. so if people need work or psu’s, i may be able to hook you up.
the guitar is designed to run at 24 volts dc according to him. the cord is just a standard tip/ring/sleeve at each end.
here’s a couple pics:

hey @Anthony Lancett, any chance of a scan of the manual? would really like to see one of those…if anyone has any other info, i’d love to see it..thanks

Need wiring diagram or specs to build a power supply. Just picked up 2 bonds and neither had a power supply in the cases. They look great but need power supplies. Help please.

I have a couple of Electraglides, 1 seems to be a prototype which has a seperate
volume pot fitted, the guy I bought it of said a relation worked at the workshop and he ‘ended up’ with it, so may be is a 1 off. A good improvement I’d say